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Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry

Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry

Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry

Many of our patients come to our office to ask about how they can improve their smile. Whether it be the gaps, the tooth shade, or the overall look of a patient's smile, these little imperfections may prevent you from smiling fully and can impact your facial features, mouth and confidence! Our office provides many conservative options to help improve your smile without sacrificing your natural tooth structure. 

Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening is a one hour, in-office procedure. Zoom! is safe, effective, fast & performed only by dental professionals. The Advanced Power Chairside Lamp accelerates the bleaching process by activating the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. As the hydrogen peroxide breaks down, oxygen penetrates the teeth to whiten the discoloration. Zoom! is a convenient option for busy individuals who do not have time for gradual whitening.

Whitening Trays

You can also whiten your teeth at home in a matter of a few days using our advanced at-home whitening kit. Both comfortable & affordable, our at-home whitening involves you wearing a specially crafted tray for a few hours in order to achieve a surprising difference in your smile. We create custom fit take home trays for you and a professional-grade bleaching solution to be worn to achieve the desired whiteness.

Contact Yeo Family Dental Group today for a free smile makeover consultation! We can help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. 


We can design porcelain veneers to fit the exact shape, style and shade to fit your needs. Our veneers require minimal to no tooth preparation. The advantage is that the tooth is left completely intact, meaning you retain your natural tooth structure and the procedure is more comfortable and non-invasive.

This can be done in two to three visits. The first visit involves an impression, the second we place the temporaries on, and the third visit involves delivering of the final veneers! The veneers are extremely thin and made of porcelain. We try to make them beautiful without looking artificial. 

Chairside Bonding

For patients who are not quite ready to get veneers, bonding is a great way to gently ease into changing your smile. It involves one visit, and you can leave with a smile makeover! With chairside bonding, Dr. Yeo and Dr. Tan place composite over your natural teeth. We then shape the composite (the same material used for tooth-colored dental filings) into your new look. Throughout the process you can tell us if you don't like the shape or length of the tooth ... or if you change your mind! The best part about chairside bonding is that it is non-invasive, painless and completely reversible. 

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