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Geneva Dentures

Geneva Dentures

Geneva Dentures

Like most products, not all dentures are created equally. When getting dentures to replace multiple teeth, everyone wants something that is not only natural looking, but comfortable as well. Our office provides Geneva 2000™ dentures, which are custom made to fit YOU! We’ll make sure your dentures are comfortable and have a perfect fit so you won’t have sore spots or need denture paste or adhesive. No one, not even you, will be able to tell the difference!

When we say they’re custom made for you, it not only means they fit great, but it has a superior aesthetic compared to other dentures. We take into account our patient’s gender, personality, and age to find the best, most natural look for you. Geneva 2000™ dentures use only teeth that are individually sculpted for both men and women.

Male patients will often have longer, more square shaped teeth. Female patients tend to fit a more ovoid, tapered shape.

Besides, proper fit and aesthetic, Geneva 2000™ dentures uses AutoCentric Occlusion, which was developed by the Swissdent Foundation over 35 years ago. This occlusal scheme offers better lower denture stability.

It also has a lower rate of complications, such as major bone loss in the lower jaw due to long term use of poor fitting dentures. This allows for greater ease with function when our patients eat and speak.

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Geneva 2000™ dentures wearers look and feel so natural that our patients often forget that they are wearing dentures. If you are interested in getting dentures or are unhappy with your current dentures, contact our office today for a free consultation to see if Geneva Dentures are right for you!

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