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Icon White Spot Treatment

Icon is a minimally invasive restorative treatment for white spot lesions (WSLs) on teeth. WSLs are associated with an imbalance between demineralization and remineralization of the enamel. The lesions appear white due to the of scattering of light at the subsurface of the demineralized enamel. These are common after orthodontic treatment. Hypomineralization spots can also appear white, and these are from trauma or infection involving the primary teeth.

The Procedure

  • One Visit
  • No anesthesia required
  • No Drilling
  • A barrier is placed to protect the gums, white spots are etched with Icon Etch and then dried, Icon Resin Filtration applied to teeth, remove excess and polish!
  • Takes 30 minutes to an hour

This is a conservative way to improve the aesthetics of your teeth. We cannot guarantee that white spots will disappear completely but this procedure offers an improvement in one visit and is less expensive than bonding or veneers. Follow ups are recommended at your regular dental cleaning and checkups. 

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