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LASER TECHNOLOGY Dentist in Marina del Rey - 30+ Years Tradition of Excellence

Laser dentistry can be used in a variety of dental procedures to improve patient comfort & results. In many cases, lasers eliminate the need for drills, anesthesia & reduce post-procedure discomfort & healing times. Lasers may be used in procedures such as root canals, gum disease treatment, cavity detection, tooth whitening & to set & harden restorative materials, such as crowns.

Laser dentistry eliminates many of the common complaints of traditional dentistry. A laser device replaces the rotary tool & can be used for everything from surgery to tooth bleaching.

The only addition to the procedure is the requirement of protective glasses to shield the eyes from the laser beam. A laser doesn’t make any noise & doesn’t require physical contact with your teeth. Water isn’t usually needed but air suction is used to keep the treated area cool.

Yeo Family, DMD Dental Care is specially trained in laser dentistry & will use lasers when it is appropriate for your dental care.

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