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t Yeo Family Dental Group, we believe in providing the best teeth cleaning services to all clients in Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Culver City, and Venice. Preventive dentistry is the area of dentistry concerned with preventing dental problems before they become costly or painful, or both. A large part of preventive dentistry is patient education. This includes learning the proper at-home dental care, nutrition, etc. Another aspect of preventive dentistry is oral hygiene through regular dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, mouth guards & more!

Our mouths and teeth need to be taken care of regularly at home as part of our daily routine with brushing and flossing. We recommend coming in every three to six months for a dental cleaning which accomplishes the following: Removal of plaque, tartar and calcium deposits.

Full examination of teeth and gums

Polishing to remove stains and discourage future plaque buildup. Here at Yeo Family Dental Group Care, we believe that prevention is key. Regular teeth cleaning prevents against gum disease by removing plaque and calculus, thus stopping one’s progression to periodontal disease and gingivitis. Periodontal disease and lead to pain, bad breath and potential tooth loss.

Regular dental cleanings will lead you to cleaner, healthier teeth, meaning a cleaner, healthier you! We want to maintain and improve your oral hygiene in order to improve your health and your smile. We look forward to your next cleaning!

Perio Protect Trays

Our office offers Perio Protect®, a comprehensive treatment approach that combines professional cleanings with a special, comfortable tray delivery of medication that you use at home between office visits. The Perio Tray® by Perio Protect is similar to a mouth-guard, but it has a special sealing system to deliver medication below the gums. You put medication in the tray and wear it for a few minutes a day. It’s that easy! The most important advantage of the Perio Protect approach is that it can treat the bacteria causing the disease in a comfortable way, minimizing surgery and antibiotics.

The Perio Tray is important because bacterial organisms reproduce so quickly under the gums that it is difficult to control them between office visits. Research shows that when professional cleanings are combined with Perio Tray delivery of hydrogen peroxide gel, patients get better results than the cleanings alone. With this new FDA-approved & dentist-created system, medication can directly reach the inflicted areas. With no surgery required, the innovative procedure is easy & painless.

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